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"... many thanks to Ben Kuehnl for the brilliant work!" (Affective Insanity)

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It is important that you pay attention to the following instructions when exporting the tracks. If you need help with exporting tracks in your recording software, just ask me and I will help you.

  • All exported tracks must have exactly the same starting point, even if an instrument begins at a later point of the song.
  • To export the raw tracks, deactivate all plug-ins and effects and set the faders and the panning to zero - reset just everything that changes the signal somehow. Only if you maybe want a special effect (e.g. a special plug-in etc.) to stay on a track, export the track with the effect activated.
  • Name the audio files properly and always use the same track names for the same instruments/tracks if you recorded in different sessions.
  • Remove anything from the tracks that should not be there. Exception: If there are click tracks, export them alongside the audio tracks.
  • Additional information like song bpm, rough mixes or whatever can be helpful and should be included.

If there are any other questions, just contact me.

Keep in mind: The better the recordings, the better the sound of the final product! Look here to get some tips for making good recordings.